Lavender Legend

A Princess and her maid set out in the world to start a revolution.
Over 300 Pages of comics
Rating: Teen+

Guardians of Gezuriya

Treasure hunter Quince enters a new world of sexual exploration in the order of Gezuriya.
Get even more Gezuriya at Filthy Figments.
Rating: Adult Only

Rose Slayer

The vampire slayer Felix is in for a world of trouble when the vampire king turns out to be a vampire queen.
Over 40 Pages of comics
Rating: Adult Only

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Thorn Prince 1

The story of a pretty prince who was rescued by a dashing lady knight.
Rating: Adult Only

You can download the first chapter on ComicOrgy or read the entire story at Filthy Figments.

Food Porn

An all-lady-author food-themed anthology.
Rating: Adult Only

You can download a complete PDF or buy a print copy.

SorMik Sketchbook!

32 pages of cute nerds!
Rating: Kid-friendly
Buy a physical copy or a PDF download.

The Armorsmith's Daughter

A tale of love etched on steel.
Rating: Adult Only
Downloadable PDF on Comic Orgy

Clothes, Jewelry, and Accessories

A-line Skirts
Cute skirts with nerdy and artistic deisgns.

Full body pillow cases featuring beloved characters.

Acrylic Keyrings
Unique keyrings in acrylic plastic.

Charm Bracelet
Cute charm bracelets with european beads.

Charm Necklace
Charms suspended from chain necklaces.

Strap Charm
Charms on glitter straps for however you want to use them.

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