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Moving Plans

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A Princess and her maid set out in the world to start a revolution.
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Emerald Winter

An eternal dance with an immortal necromancer.
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A vampire slayer bites off more than he can chew.
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Moving Plans

From now until some time in June, if you notice a lack of updates, or of me being around in general, here is why.

I’m currently living in Mobile, AL and I am moving to Tucson, AZ.  For those of you not familiar with the geography, this trip is over 1600 miles in one direction, almost three days of travel (counting stops for sleep).  The trip itself is enough work, but the packing and unpacking, plus finding an apartment and job hunting once I get there will be a huge undertaking.

In addition to the move, I’m also attending A-kon as a guest webcomics creator.  This is the first convention where I have ever been invited as a guest, so I’m really excited.   I’ll be co-hosting a panel on digital techniques with blox of <a href=””>Door/Toilet Genie</a>, where I’ll focus on the grayscale and screen tone process. Several of the Filthy Figments crew will be there too, and maybe we’ll have a panel. :3

Anyway.  What this means is that some sites will be on hiatus, and others will update when possible.   This site’s sketch-a-day feature has been spotty for a while, and will continue to be on a basis of “whenever I have time to upload stuff” until I get settled in.  Because Emerald Winter is created traditionally with paper and ink, it will also be on hiatus until I have a space to work again (nothing new to this series).  Lavender Legend will continue to update as I pack and travel, as long as I have time and an accessible power outlet. Since this will likely result in missed updates, I am going to try and do enough pages for once a week.

So to sum up…
Sketch-a-day: hiatus
Emerald Winter: hiatus
Lavender Legend: once-a-week

This will only last roughly a month, then I will return with full force.

And, just as  side note, any donations during this time would be GREATLY appreciated.  This whole operation is going to drain my funds for a while.


One thought on “Moving Plans

  1. Firehawke

    I did a similar move from Michigan to Arizona back in 1983. If you’ve not lived out here for long, the first three summers are going to beat you up. Be sure to keep lots of water handy and don’t take stupid risks.

    I live in the Phoenix area, not really all THAT far away.

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