Lavender Legend

URL: http://www.lavenderlegend.com
Title: Lavender Legend
Category: Webcomic
Description: A completely digital romantic comedy webcomic in a fantasy setting.
Synopsis: Princess Lavender and her enigmatic servant, Felicia, set out to change the nation of Meave, and their own destinies.

Emerald Winter
Emerald Winter: Free Fantasy Webcomic

URL: http://www.emeraldwinter.net
Title: Emerald Winter
Category: Webcomic
Description: A fantasy epic drawn in traditional styles with ink and wash.
Synopsis: Outcasts Rien Everazure, Gisela, and their friends band together to protect the mortal world of Purgaton from the advances of the undead.


URL: http://www.lovexcore.com
Title: LoveXCore
Category: ADULT Webcomic
Description: 18+ only! Full-color erotic fantasy adventures.
Synopsis: LoveXCore is your place for sexy fantasy comics. Only those of legal age, please.

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