Emerald Winetr’s history is pretty lofty and confusing, so here’s the breakdown.

2000-2002: Before the Webcomic

Emerald Winter started as a round robin game between friends as early as year 2000.  Art of the characters and some of the scenes was floating around during this time from 2000-2002.

Above:  Early art from 2000-2002

2003-2006 Webcomic “Golden Years”

The first pages were posted in 2003.  Updates were sporadic and mostly experimental, bouncing between a number of different media and styles.  Some pages were only pencils, some were screen tone, some were color, some were ink wash, and some were complete digital.

Above: varying styles from 2002 – 2006

2007-2011: Reboot with Mixed Results

In 2007 an attempt to reboot the story and create a more cohesive product was made.  This reboot ran into problems early when our domain and hosting provider disappeared without sending us any warning or information.  The comic was relegated to third-part websites like Deviantart for a while, but even if I did update, then it was hard to find the comics anyway.  The domain was not taken by another person but rather it was “oh hold” for a few years by the registrar that ended up with it.  I didn’t have the funds to address the situation legally, so the site was in limbo for a while.

EW0001 EW0045
Above: Pages from the 2007 and on era

The rights to the domain names (emeraldwinter.com and emeraldwinter.net) were given back to me in 2011.  I resumed the comic full-force at this point and got roughly 100 pages in.  Unfortunately, disagreements with co-writers and certain events in our relationship outside the comic made it emotionally painful for me to continue the story.  That combined with a dwindling interest in the comic led me to focus on Lavender Legend rather than continue Emerald Winter.

2014: Revival of the Series

At the start of 2014 I started to think maybe enough time had passed for me to pick up again, and with the support and interest from fans, plans for a new story are currently in the works.